Uniform Information

Promotion Policy Overview

The promotion system used at our Unit is self-directed.  Our promotion system is structured, predictable, and inherently fair to all.  It is up to the individual Cadet to show the motivation to study for and pass their exams when they become time-in-grade eligible to do so.  Cadets control how fast they promote, and how far they will go.  The promotion system is explained in greater detail in the Sebastian River High School Navy JROTC Unit Regulations, but requires the following for promotion to each rank:

Please note that promotion requirements are clearly stated in the course handouts sent home at the start of each school year. Every Cadet must promote once, and attempt to promote twice, within the first three academic quarters of the school year in order to be eligible to return to NJROTC the following school year.  Promotions that come as a result of attending Basic Leadership Training (BLT) do not count for this requirement. 

Unit staff positions, including Platoon Commanders, have a fixed ranks associated.  In general, only NS-3/4 cadets who have achieved at least the rank of C/PO3 are eligible to compete for staff positions.  

All other Cadets wear the rank to which they have earned promotion.