Cadet Staff Biographies

Cadet Commanding Officer

Cadet Lieutenant Commanding Officer Ava Anderson manages every aspect of what happens at the unit as the Commanding Officer of Shark Company.. She is currently a senior at Sebastian River High School. When she entered ROTC in her freshman year, she was like everyone else and started off as a Seaman Recruit. When she finished her freshman year as a Petty Officer 2nd class. Her sophomore year she started and finished the year as a Petty Officer 2nd class and 4th Platoon’s Platoon Commander. At the 2022 ROTC Awards Ceremony she was selected for the Cadet Lieutenant position. Now as a senior at this school she is commanding the whole shark company.  When she graduates high school she plans to either attend the University of Florida, Auburn University, Mississippi State University, or Texas A&M University for veterinarian school and the Army ROTC Programs they offer at those colleges. She is trying to get a scholarship through the Army ROTC’s will offer to help pay for school. She was enrolled in the Embry-Riddle College Course with our NJROTC for her sophomore and junior year and suggests that everyone tries it. It will help in life if you need a backup plan to fall on. My favorite thing about ROTC would have to be the leadership!! It is easy to follow others, but when it is your time to step up and be a leader it is much more difficult. If you put all of your blood and sweat into it and try your hardest then you WILL succeed. In her free time she enjoys being on my farm with her horses, barrel racing, riding in rodeos, and 4H. She also plays varsity softball and weightlifting for the Sebastian Sharks!  

Cadet Executive Officer

C/LT Johnston joined the program in his freshman year of high school after having heard about it in the 5th grade. He has served the unit in capacities such as Platoon Mustering Petty Officer, Company Senior Chief, and temporarily as the acting Operations Officer.

C/LT Johnston currently holds the positions of Company Executive Officer and Drill Team Commanding Officer. Cadet Johnston keeps himself busy with staff meetings, Colorguard and various unit activities.

After high school, Cadet Johnston intends to pursue chaplaincy in the military. Currently, he works as a cook at Ye Ole Davis Farms in Sebastian and plans to pursue culinary as a sustainable job beside ministry.

C/LT Johnston has conveyed excitement for the new year, and is excited to see what the new cadets bring to the table, as well as to see the upperclassmen take on leadership.

Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer

Hello, I am Senior Chief Petty Officer Caleb Wilkinson. With the rank I have , I am third in command here at SRHS NJROTC. I have now been in NJROTC for 3 years now and sadly leaving this year. I have been in almost everything you can be in here at SRHS NJROTC so I see myself as a great resource for anyone in the unit. In the past 3 years I have been in many different positions here such as a squad leader, platoon commander, a staff member and now I am Senior Chief. JROTC has sent me to so many different places in the past 3 years such as leadership academy, which is a week long training camp for those that the instructors think a cadet is ready for, I have also been to Boys State, which is also a week long and only for the best and brightest rising seniors in the state of Florida. I am also in Cross Country and track, in which I hold the 5000m and the 3200m school record. I have placed in the top 25 at States a number of times. What I plan to do after High School is go to college on an ROTC scholarship where I will become a naval officer. From then, I don't really have a plan but this was not my plan even a year ago, so something always live by is: “Many things will change but will you change with them”. Thank you for reading this, I know it was long but that's me. 

Cadet Operations Officer

C/LT Kai Edwards is a senior and Shark Company’s Operations Officer. He is tasked with collaborating with fellow staff members to plan upcoming unit events and its day-to-day operations. He has spent the last two years completing the Embry-Riddle Dual-Enrollment courses offered by the unit. He has attended 2023 NJROTC Leadership Academy and 2023 Florida American Legion Boys State. He is an IB student and the captain of the Boys Tennis Team. He is also a member of clubs such as FBLA, NHS, and Peer2Peer. After high school, he hopes to attend the United States Naval Academy or enroll in a college ROTC program. 

Cadet Administrations Officer

Cadet Ortiz has been in NJROTC for two years and this will be her third. First, she was a Mustering Petty Officer (MPO), then she was Platoon Commander (PC). She is currently the shark company Admino. What she likes best about NJROTC is all the leadership opportunities it offers her. After high school, she plans on going to college and completing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. On her free time she enjoys karate, dancing, and volunteering at church.

Cadet Supply Officer

C/LTJG Harbin is an NS-2 and a Senior at SRHS. Along with being the Supply Officer (SuppO) at the Navy JROTC Unit, he is also the former Vice President of SRHS Student Council. Along with these jobs, he does a lot of technical things such as coding in JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, JSON, and Lua. 

Cadet Public Affairs Officer

In the 3 past years I have been in NJROTC, I  was a Squad Leader then an MPO and now I am PAO for our Unit. I am very creative, I love art and digital design. I use many forms of Art in the pictures I capture throughout the Unit to provide an inside look into all that we do in NJROTC.

Cadet Educational Services Officer

C/LTJG Acosta, has formerly been the guide and MPO for 5th platoon his sophomore year and Public Affairs Officer his junior year. Some of his hobbies are; playing guitar, photography and working out. After High School he plans on earning his bachelor degree in criminal justice and then working in the Law Enforcement field. 

Cadet First Lieutenant

Cadet Cruz is the Shark Company 1st Lieutenant. During her 1st year of NJROTC, she was positioned as squad leader in 2022. Currently, she is responsible for ensuring the NJROTC unit is kept in optimal condition. What she most enjoys about ROTC is pushing herself to her absolute limit. In addition to NJROTC she plays guitar for Church and works on self improvement at the Boys & Girls Club. After graduating, she plans on attending College and then joining the Military.

Cadet Command Fitness Leader

C/LTJG Fernandes is our current CFL, in his freshmen year he was chosen to be a squad leader and later moved up to a platoon guide, in his sophomore year he retained his position as a guide honing his leadership abilities until his junior year where he was made into First Platoon PC and now, in his senior year he was put into a CFL position to strengthen the fitness of the cadets and promote healthy habits.