Shark Company

The Shark Company Cadet Staff, guided by the Naval Science Instructors, creates the goals and directs the Cadet Company in accomplishing those goals.  The Cadet Staff is the heart and soul of our NJROTC Unit, and the extra time and effort they put in is directly reflected in every success we enjoy.

The Cadet Staff for an upcoming school year is selected 1 1/2 months prior to the end of the previous school year.  A Change of Command Ceremony is held one month prior to the end of the school year, allowing the new Cadet Staff to operate as a team for one month under the eye of the previous Cadet Staff, to help them get the feel for their new jobs and responsibilities.

The purpose of Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Program (NJROTC) is to instill in students in secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. The objectives of NJROTC programs are to:

a. Promote patriotism;

b. Develop informed and responsible citizens;

c. Promote habits of orderliness and precision;

d. Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership;

e. Promote an understanding of the basic elements of, and need for, national security;

f. Develop respect for, and an understanding of, the need for authority in a democratic society;

g. Promote community service;

i. Develop leadership potential;

j. Provide an alternative to destructive behavior and activities, such as gang involvement;

k. Promote high school completion;

l. Promote continuing education;

m. Provide information on the military services as a possible career.

The Navy JROTC Unit at Sebastian River High School, Sebastian, Florida, was established by the Secretary of the Navy on 1 July,  2002. While initially hosted within the school itself, due to the foresight, generosity, and hard work of "Commodore" Tom Adams, Dr. Henry Fischer and the school board of the Indian River School District, a separate NJROTC Complex was constructed and dedicated in January of 2007.  That 4-building complex with attached courtyard now serves as the home of 'Shark Company", and is the envy of NJROTC Units program-wide. Please visit our photo album page to see pictures of our complex.

Our Unit Instructors have over 45 combined years of active-duty military experience.  Our Cadet Company Staff were hand-selected based on the demonstrated leadership skills they exhibited during the previous school year.