Shark Company Teams


The academic team competes in knowledge tests with other NJROTC units. Practices are online and can be taken at any time. The team competes in "brain brawls" both in-person and remotely. Competitions can be a combination of team tests and individual tests. Cadets can earn awards and medals from both types of competitions. The team also competes in the JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) competition, which is a team oriented computer-based test. The academic team helps cadets to learn more about both JROTC and generally applicable knowledge.


The Air Rifle Team creates a family environment based around teamwork, marksmanship, and the celebration of individual accomplishment. Cadets are praised for accomplishments and can earn medals, ribbons, and a cord for wear in uniform. The Air Rifle Team is the only team where you get hands-on practice with air-pressurized rifles and shoot targets weekly. Competitions are highly regarded and our top shooters compete with other schools via individual scores and total overall scores. Like to shoot and work on your marksmanship? Join us here at Air Rifle!


Unarmed Drill Team help cadets in many aspects of the NJROTC program. Joining the team will help cadets learn skills necessary for promotion, and helps to develop precision and attention to detail. The Unarmed Drill Team also provides the opportunity to participate in field meet competitions.


The Color Guard is a group of cadets who present the colors (United States and Navy flags) in a ceremonial way and usually consists of of four cadets. Color guard a highly visible team in the local community. They participate in at least one event every month and is one of the busiest teams in the unit. Cadets on color guard quickly earn service hours necessary for promotion. On color guard, cadets learn rifle drill manual which is necessary to promote to a C/PO3. Most NS-1s on color guard are able to promote faster than non-color guard cadets because they practice rifle drill at every practice. A color guard ribbon can be earned for being in good standing with the team and completing three events; a cord is awarded after completing five events.

Color guard is one of the most publicly visible teams and requires a high degree of self-discipline and great attention to detail with respect to personal appearance.


The Physical Training (PT) team is all about pushing yourself to your physical limits. Team members work out after school twice a week and strive to be the best. They challenge each other with friendly competition over physical prowess, but also motivate and encourage each other. If a cadet is seeking to get in shape, learn workout techniques, become healthier, and improve physical appearance then this is the team for you. The PT team helps cadets to learn callisthenic techniques to work on all aspects of physical fitness.