Cadet Company Executive Officer

C/LT Ruiz

Hello Shark Company, I am C/LT Ruiz, your Shark Company Executive Officer. I am currently a senior and have participated in NJROTC throughout every year of high school. I currently plan to commission into the armed forces, specifically the Navy, after high school, whether it is through the United States Naval Academy or an NROTC scholarship at a civilian college. Since I love both physics and math, I want to get a degree in aerospace engineering. NJROTC has taught me many things about time management, communication, and leadership. Things are definitely going to be weirder for you as cadets this year, but the staff and I are ready to accommodate for that. I am also apart of both the Cross Country and Crew teams. If I was to choose the only two things that I love more than NJROTC then it would be my German Shepherds and Ice Cream!