Award / Promotion Info.

Our Company believes in giving awards as quickly as possible after they are earned. Our goal is to have earned awards handed out in class every two weeks, depending on the number of service projects we have been engaged in.

Our promotion system is based on demonstrated knowledge and ability, not on position held. Only three Unit positions have a fixed rank associated with them: The Cadet Commanding Officer (C/LCDR), the Cadet Executive Officer (C/LT) and the Cadet Company Senior Chief Petty Officer (C/SCPO). All other Cadets wear the rank to which they have earned promotion. Our promotion system is explained in greater detail in the links below, but requires the following for promotion to each rank:

1) Time In Grade

2) Academic Knowledge (academic exam)

3) Practical Knowledge (drill exam)

4) Community / Unit Service Hours

5) Good conduct and uniform grades

6) Positive recommendations from the Cadet's Chain Of Command.

Every Cadet is required to promote at least one rank between the start of the school year and the week after Spring Break, Unless Petty Officer Third Class or higher, in order to able to re-enter the program the following year. Promotions that come as a result of attending Basic Leadership Training (BLT) do not count for this requirement. Taking the time to study, practice, participate, and advance in rank is the surest way to demonstrate self-discipline and self-initiative - qualities that must be shown each year in order to return to the program.

Please click on the either the "Awards System Links" or the "Promotion System Links" links in the left column to learn more about our awards and promotion systems and, if you are a Cadet, to track your status towards your next promotion.