Shark Company Teams


The academic team competes through knowledge tests with other ROTC’s. Our practices are online and can be taken at any time. We have competed in multiple brain brawls, which is a team competition and also postals, which is an individual test. Awards and medals can be earned from both of these competitions. We have also competed in the JLAB competition, which was a computer based test with a team of cadets. The academic team will certainly help cadets to learn more about ROTC and overall have more knowledge.


Armed Drill is one of the more fun teams at JROTC. You get to March around the drill deck with rifles and look good while doing it. You will learn rifles to the best of my ability and if your looking to promote from Seaman this is the perfect team for that.


The Air Rifle Team creates a family diatomic based around teamwork, marksmanship, and the celebration of the individual. You get praised for your accomplishments and can earn metals, ribbons, and a cord for your uniform. The Air Rifle Team is the only team where you get hands on with an air-pressurized rifles and shoot targets weekly. Competitions are highly regarded and our top shooters compete with other schools via individual scores and total overall scores. Like to shoot and work on your marksmanship? Join us here at Air Rifle!


Unarmed Drill Team is a team that will help you in many aspects of the program, being part of this team will help you with promotion drill and give the experience of being in competitions like field meets.



A Color guard is a group of cadets who present the colors(flags) in a ceremonial way and usually consists of of four cadet.


If you want to be really active on a team, color guard is the team to be on! Color guard participates in at least one event every month which makes us one of the busiest teams in the unit. Cadets on color guard earn service hours for promotions very easily. On color guard, cadets learn rifle drill which you need to know in order to promote to a C/PO3. Most NS-1s on color guard are able to promote faster than non-color guard cadets because they practice rifle drill every practice. There is a color guard ribbon which you earn after three events and a cord you earn for being in good standing with the team and doing five events.

Color guard is also the only team in the unit that has placed multiple times at field meets and color guard competitions. The color guard is always complimented on how awesome we look in our uniforms, as well as how well we represent our unit and school.


Color guard normally practices two times a week on Mondays and Tuesdays, and usually last from 1415-1500 (2:15-3:00). Practices are run by the team commander with help from other experienced color guard members.


PT team is all about pushing yourself to the limit and pushing even harder. We work out after school twice a week and strive to be the best. We challenge each other with our amount of push-ups but work and motivate each other. If you're looking to: get in shape, learn workout tips, be healthier, and look good then this is the team for you. We work on upper body, cardio, legs, abs, you name it.


Cyber Patriot team is a team that deals with cyber security, participates in competitions against other high schoolers, and works in increasing individual knowledge on the workings of internet connections, computer programming and security.