Report Chits

Cadets who have acted in an unprofessional manner and/or violated our uniform policies will be the subject of a Cadet Staff Discipline Review Board, in an attempt to change their behavior and bring them in line with our Unit standards.

Have you seen one of our Cadets do something extraordinary? If so, we would like to know and give them credit for it. On the other hand, we take our responsibilities as Navy JROTC Cadets seriously, and if you have seen one of our Cadets act unprofessionally or look unprofessional in uniform, we need to know that as well.

Cadets who have done great things will be brought before a Meritorious Review Board, run by the Cadet Staff, and receive the well-earned recognition they deserve.

If you have observed one or more of our Cadets out of uniform on uniform day, wearing the uniform inappropriately or acting in a disrespectful manner while in uniform, please take the time to tell us about it by clicking on the button below and filling out this form.

If you observe one of our Cadets doing something that brings credit upon the Navy and/or the NJROTC program here at Sebastian River High School, please take the time to click on the button below and submit this report.