Cadet Company Executive Officer

C/LT Ava Anderson

Hey there, my name is Cadet Lieutenant Ava Anderson. I am shark company’s Executive Officer AKA XO. I am currently a junior at Sebastian River High School. When I entered ROTC in my freshman year, I was like everyone else and started off as a Seaman Recruit. I finished my freshman year as a Petty Officer 2nd class. My sophomore year I started and finished the year as a Petty Officer 2nd class and 4th Platoon’s Platoon Commander. At the 2022 ROTC Awards Ceremony I was selected for the Cadet Lieutenant position. When I graduate high school I plan to either attend UF for veterinarian school, or apply to an ROTC academy and see where I am chosen and possibly attend. I am currently enrolled in the Embry-Riddle college course with our NJROTC, so there is the potential to join the military and become a veterinarian, engineer, or pilot for the Navy or Air Force . My favorite thing about ROTC would have to be the leadership!! It is easy to follow others, but when it is your time to step up and be a leader it is much more difficult. If you put all of your blood and sweat into it and try your hardest then you WILL succeed. On my free time I enjoy being on my farm with my horses, barrel racing, riding in rodeos, and 4H. I also play softball for the Sebastian Sharks! I am very excited to have been chosen for this position and I can’t wait to be Shark Company’s XO!!