Unit Information

The links in this section of our website provide details on what we are studying in our academic syllabus, information on our Teams, our community service events and specific information on our uniform policy.  Additional links include our monthly calendar, our weekly Plan of the Week, and our daily Platoon Commander briefing slides.  Using these links you can get a good idea of what we have planned for today, next week, next month and the entire semester.

Another important link on this page is to our "Report Chits".  There you will find two links - one to give us feedback on something good that you have see one or more of our Cadets do, and the other to report improper uniform wear and personal behavior.  We take these inputs seriously.  We want to reward excellent behavior and actions and we want to correct incorrect behavior and actions.  Please use these forms if/when you see our Cadets providing an outstanding example of proper behavior, and don't hesitate to also use the form if you spot a Cadet not living up to our standards.