Cadet Company Executive Officer Biography

    I am Cadet Lieutenant Siera Raynor, this is my fourth year in ROTC. I am currently the Company's Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of the PT team. I have been in many leadership roles since I joined ROTC such as squad leader, guide, PTXO and Special Projects Officer.
    I have learned a lot from being a leader. I have learned that not everyone learns the same and if you can lead and teach in many different ways, you will be a more successful leader. I have become more confident and it is easier for me to think of solutions to difficult problems. ROTC has built my character by making me a good leader and teaching me to persevere even when it is hard or when I didn't want to.
   After high school I hope to go to college and go in the Marines later on just like my older brother. I think the skills that I have learned in ROTC will help me outside of school and in life as well. The things I learned in ROTC will help me accomplish these goals.