Cadet Company Supply Officer Biography:

Hi Cadet I am Cadet Chief Petty Officer Roth. I am your Shark Company Supply Officer. I am Junior but I joined NJROTC my Sophomore year. I made it my goal to catch up to my class, because I joined a year late. I am happy to say I have achieved that goal. I started off as a cadet in a huge platoon and worked my rear end off to become the 4th squad leader by the end of the year. My second year at Shark Company I started as 1st squad leader but promoted to PO2 and was promoted to the position of MPO of my platoon. Know I am shark company's Suppo. I strive to be the best in the ROTC program. My goal by the end of it is to have an officer rank, and have 15 ribbons and 4 medals when I graduate my senior year. I also seek a Career of an Officer of the Marine Corps after my high school years.