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Cadet Bravo Company Senior Chief Petty Officer Biography

     My name is Jonathan Hill and throughout this school year I will be serving as the Bravo Company Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer. It is my job and duty to ensure that all cadets within Bravo company are treated with respect and fairness at all times.
     Outside of NJROTC i'm an active participant in Sharks swimming along with the local swim team called TCSC, or the Treasure Coast Swimming Conquistadors, that swims all months of the year. I also participate in the school Chorus and Encores which is a superior rated ensemble which performs in various concerts and competitions throughout the year. In school my favorite subjects are English and History. My plans for the future are to attend the Coast Guard Academy and serve my country.
     I've been in the NJROTC unit for four years now and have seen many great things accomplished by the units members. I believe, though, that this upcoming year can and will be the best year that this unit has seen so far.