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Cadet Bravo Company Commanding Officer Biography

     My Name is Clark Oujevolk, a Cadet Lieutenant Commander in Shark Battalion. I've been in the NJROTC program for 3 years and look forward on completing my career as the Bravo Company Commanding Officer. My goals are to push my company hard, keeping them motivated, hard charging, and to teach them perseverance in the face of adversity, as well as success in the wake of effort. I am looking forward to seeing the cadets in action, as well as to watch them grow, not just as cadets, but as boys and girl maturing into young men and women ready for a successful high school and life career. 

    Out side of NJROTC I am an International Baccalaureate student attempting to graduate with an IB diploma and multiple AP and college credits as well as the IB Core Classes. I am a scientific enthusiast, wining the science fair 3 times in school and placing second at regional's for chemical science. In athletics I am a lacrosse player for the boys variety lacrosse team. I am a defensive player as well as a team captain. Earlier this year, I was awarded with a county Leadership award from the athletic association and my coach for dedication, leadership, and trust. I strive to work hard and succeed with out compromising the core values of honesty and commitment. Out side of school I am very fond of fishing, boating, camping, shooting, physical and weight training, and wood crafting. I am aspiring to be a chemical engineer or attending med school to be an E.R. or Trauma Doctor.