7th Platoon Commander

I'm cadet seamen Erick Zacek and I am proud to be in our schools NJROTC program. I'm the platoon commander for 7th platoon and we have been rocking it all year. I have a lot of fun being in the program and learning new things everyday. Here are somethings I do out of school. I made my own little lawn service called EZ Lawncare  where I go around and cut my neighbors lawns and help them keep there yards looking good. Another thing I do which is my hobby is bodybuilding. Me and my family love going to the gym all the time and and 2 years ago my dad signed up to do a bodybuilding show and that inspired me to one day get up on stage and do the same. So on July 
1st 2017 that day came where at the time I  have been dieting for a few months then and burning a total of 19 pounds and finally got on stage and taking a 5th place trophy. Some other things I do is I like working on cars with my dad and modifying then and learning the mechanics of them. Thats pretty much it thats what I do as hobby's and everyday things.