Academic Course Standards

Starting the school year (2014/15) Sebastian River High School implemented the new Florida State Standards (based on the national Common Core Standards.)  

The specific definitions and elements of each standard may be found on the iCPALMS Standards page.  You can get to that page by clicking HERE.

List of Standards specific to each of the four Naval Science Courses:

Naval Science 1:  

1)  Language Arts:  LAFS.1112.RST.2.4, LAFS.1112.RST.3.7, LAFS.910.L.3.4, LAFS.910.RI.2.4, LAFS.910.SL.1.1, LAFS.910.W.2.6
2)  Social Studies:  SS.912.A.2.1, SS.912.A.2.2. SS.912.A.3.2, SS.912.A.3.3, SS.912.A.4.5, SS.912.C.2.15, SS.912.C.2.2, SS.912.C.2.6, SS.912.C.3.14, SS.912.G.1.3, SS.912.G.1.4, SS.912.G.4.2, 
3)  Physical Education:  PE.912.L.3.2,  PE.912.L.3.3,  PE.912.L.3.6,  PE.912.L.4.1, PE.912.L.4.4, PE.912.L.4.7, PE.912.R.6.1
4) Health Education:  HE.912.B.6.4, PE.912.C.1.3,PE.912.C.1.4, PE.912.C.2.2, HE.912.C.2.5
5)  Mathematics:  MAFS.912.S-MD.2.7

Naval Science 2 & 3 Combined Course:

1)  Language Arts:  LAFS.1112.RST.2.4, LAFS.1112.RST.3.7, LAFS.910.L.3.4, LAFS.910.RI.2.4, LAFS.910.SL.1.1, LAFS.910.W.2.6
2)  Social Studies: SC.912.A.3.2, SC.912.A.3.3, SC.912.A.4.5, SC.912.C.2.15, SC.912.C.2.2, SC.912.C.2.6, SC.912.C.3.14, 
SC.912.G.1.3, SC.912.G.1.4, SC.912.G.4.2
3)  Mathematics:  MAFS.912.5.MD.2.7
4)  Health Education:  HE.912.B.6.4

Naval Science 4:

1)  Language Arts:  LAFS..1112.RST.2.4, LAFS.1112.RST.3.7, LAFS.910.L.3.4, LAFS.910.SL.1.1, LAFS.910.W.2.6
2)  Social Studies:  SS.912.C.2.3, SS.912.C.2.5, SS.912.C.2.8
3)  Physical Education:  PE.912.C.1.20, PE.912.M.1.5
4) Health Education:  HE.912.B.4.2, HE.912.B.4.3, HE.912.B.6.4, PE.912.C.1.2, PE.912.C.2.2, HE.912.C.2.4, HE.912.P.8.3

If you have any questions on these standards and how they relate to the NJROTC Naval Science Curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Form on this website, or via phone/email