Cadet Company Commanding Officer Biography

    I am Virginia Camacho. I am the commanding officer of the NJROTC program at SRHS. This is going to my fourth-year in this program The jobs I have was a squad leader, platoon guide, mustering petty officer, platoon commander, supply assistant, and admin officer.  But it all had to start with being in a squad. Where I was able to understand what it meant to be a follower. Because of being in this program I have met some amazing people. With them having may back and pushing me to do better and with then program to give me a bit of courage. I strive to be the best I can, to be more outgoing and to get more involved within the community. But what I will always take out of this program is the navy core values. Honor, courage, and commitment.           
  In the position that I’m in right now I work together with my staff to move the company forward and improve on last year.                                                                                                                                                           
         This year I’m in our school’s nursing assistant academy working towards trying to become certified. But this isn’t the occupation that I’m truly trying to go for. After high I am going to go to IRSC and study in biomedical. Then, transfer into a bigger college and study to be a veterinarian.