Cadet Senior Cadet Advisor Biography

Hello, my name is Emilym's Executive Officer, the Orienteering team Commander, the Color Guard team Commander, The Bravo Company's Executive Officer, and my previous position was the Unit Commanding Officer. I have participated in nearly every team this unit has had to offer; the Color Guard Team, Academic Team, Air Rifle team, Unarmed Drill team, Physical Fitness Team, Armed Exhibition Drill Team, and the Orienteering Team. Outside of NJROTC, I actively volunteer as a Junior Guide for a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people aged 2 to 102 about nature and how to have fun outdoors. It is the Florida Outdoor Center, also known as AFLOC. 
After high school, I am planning on attending a college with Navy ROTC, and then joining the U.S. Navy. At this time, I am considering a career in Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering. If I were to pursue a career such as Civil Engineering, I would want to be a part of the Navy's Seabees. Personally, my favorite part of the NJROTC program is the ability it has to inspire and motivate cadets, and to also give them the confidence to motivate themselves and try things they may have otherwise never even dreamt of doing. The NJROTC program has done so much for me, and I hope to guide, teach, and help the underclassmen as much as, if not more, than I have been by my upperclassmen in the past and present. This year, I hope to see our Company achieve more than it has in past years. I believe that this Unit will continue to grow and prosper, and I am looking forward to being a part of it!