Cadet Company Public Affairs Officer Biography:

   I am a C/PO2 Daniel Gooden and I am the Public Affairs Officer. I joined sophomore year. I attended BLT and scored a 103% on the test, qualifying me for a promotion to C/SA. I then promoted to Seaman, and later, Petty Officer Third Class.

  I am a member of the Color Guard and Unarmed and Armed Exhibition Drill Teams. I have earned a cord, a ribbon, and two bronze stars for Color Guard, and a ribbon for Drill. I was also a member of the Air Rifle Team my first year, before it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I signed up for it this year, but it never materialized. I spend a lot of time volunteering, having earned almost 60 hours for ROTC in my first year alone. I have also received the Unit and Community Service ribbons, with 3 gold stars for each.

 In my senior year, I would like to see Air Rifle Team revived, earn more stars for Color Guard, advance to at least C/CPO and wear SDB's, and become a better PAO.