Cadet Company Operations Officer Biography

I am Cadet Lieutenant Emily Hanley, Shark Company’s Operations Officer .

Being a part of the NJROTC program for the past two years has allowed me to grow as a person, as I spent a great portion of my time experiencing this program to its fullest, getting fully involved in nearly every event, team, or party that our unit had. Being a part of what I like to call the ROTC family has made me much more confidant and social, and has given me more happiness than anything else.

Since I first heard about NJROTC, I knew it was for me, and I quickly became very passionate about it. Outside of NJROTC, I enjoy doing gymnastics, drawing in my sketchbook, and watching YouTube videos of my idols. Those activities keep me inspired, motivated, and happy just like NJROTC.

I plan on completing all four years of the NJROTC program, and when I graduate I hope to attend either the United States Naval Academy in Maryland, or the United States Military Academy in New York so that I can further my education in the field of medical sciences while continuing with  my passion.