Cadet Company Operations Officer Biography


 am Cadet Ensign Anjaleah-Mae Leviste. I am Shark Company's Operations Officer. This will be my third year in the unit. Within my 3 years, I've experienced many leadership positions that have helped me get to where I am now. My freshman year I started as a squad leader, went onto a guide, a MPO, the PC, and the team XO of the Unarmed Basic drill team and I also attended the Area 7 Leadership Academy that summer. Going into Sophomore year I was a PC , the team CO of the Unarmed basic drill team, as well as Assistant OpsO. I then moved up from team CO to the team CO of Shark Company's first competing Armed Basic drill team. I've also been apart of a few of the unit's teams throughout the years. Including: Unarmed Basic Drill team, Exhibition Drill team, Color Guard, and Academic team.

It wasn't easy getting to where I am now. This company has given me many opportunities to learn from. These experiences have allowed me to learn more about myself and grow as a leader. I am thankful for the experiences I've had with Shark Company,  good and bad.

Outside of our Gated Community, I'm enrolled in the IB program and participate in the Junior Scientists Fellows Program with FAU's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. Every Monday, I go to Harbor Branch and work in the lagoon on a Seagrass Survey to collect data on the suffering Seagrass. Within the Gated Community, I am also enrolled in the dual enrollment Embry Riddle Aeronautical Science class where we learn about aviation, though I don't intend in having a career in aviation, it's quite interesting.

After highschool, I plan on going to the University of Florida for their environmental classes, such as: environmental ecology, biology, and chemistry; as well as their veterinary program. I also want to participate in their Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. I'd like to attend the University  of Miami as well for their Marine Biology program for it is the best in the state and to participate  in their Sharks Research and Conservation program. Later down the line, I hope to attend Ross University of Medicine, a hands on veterinary school for future veterinarians. In the end of my schooling, I hope to be very versatile where I can work with land animals, as well as marine animals, our planet and her oceans. I hope to find an alternative to animal testing through chemical analysis, create my own conservation, save as many animals as I can, amongst other goals I have for saving our planet and the animals that roam it.