Cadet Instructional Technology Officer:


Hello, my name is C/PO2 Gustavo Severino I'm 2nd  platoons Platoon commander, I'm also acting PT Team XO. This is my 3rd year in the NJROTC program, I've held the position of Platoon Commander for 3 years now. I've also held the position of Drill Team CO,  Guide, MPO, and Squad Leader. This program has mold me into a better person by improving my time management skills, self-discipline, cooperation, as well as my patience. I have been on the Air rifle, PT, Drill, Armed Exhibition Drill, Unarmed drill team  Academic, and Orienteering team, unarmed exhibition. One thing that has definitely shaped my life would have to be when is was shot in the calf last year. Getting shot has showed me how strong that I am physically and mentally, it also improved my patience, motivation, and self discipline. Once I graduate high school I will attend college while I become marine infantry men. I will stay in the marines as long as possible then once I get out, I'll work as a brain or heart surgeon because I already attended college for it.