Cadet Instructional Technology Officer:

Hello, I’m C/PO2 Cabria Brown and I am the Instructional Technologies Officer, and this is my second year in NJROTC. So far I am loving every second of it. NJROTC has helped me grow so much as person it's scary to look back from freshman year and beyond to see how much different I was.

I would put up this wall and I was afraid to break out of my shell that I locked myself into freshman year. NJROTC not only helped break down that wall that I built up to not being afraid to scream on top of my lungs on PT days and to join Color guard, Exhibition Drill , and Drill Team.

As a whole NJROTC help me look at the military in a different point of view then how I thought I saw it and I’m so thankful for that ,because now I know that after high school when I graduate with IB, Honors ,Dual Enrollment. I plan in the future that I will to able to go to either one of these universities; Florida International University,University of Florida,Miami University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. I plan to major in Biology or Pre-med and to have a minor in Spanish and go to an medical school ,enter a neurosurgery-residency program then to become an neurosurgeon .