Cadet Company First Lieutenant Biography

I am Cadet Petty Officer Second Class Sharek, a sophomore in my second year of NJROTC. I started my freshman year in fifth platoon as first squad leader, and ended it as Guide. Starting off my Sophomore year in sixth platoon, I was third squad leader, promoted to Platoon Commander, and then First Lieutenant.
    ROTC encourages shy kids like me to engage in social behavior with a variety of people, therefore encouraging teamwork and communication. Leadership skills have taught me to open my mind to more leadership styles and emphasizes the importance of a leader. Outside of the ROTC compound, it has helped me with self-discipline in my 1st and 2nd degree black belt martial arts training and with keeping my grades at 4.3 weighted and above. 
    In the future, I plan on studying forensic pathology and analysis at Stetson University to become, of course, a forensic pathologist.