Cadet Company Administrative Officer Biography

Hello, I am C/PO1 Rathburn. I am the NJROTC Administrative Officer. I have held a few other important positions too, such as: being a platoon commander, guide, mustering petty officer, squad leader, unarmed basic drill team commander, and ITO assistant. I have also been on a majority of the teams: Academic, Unarmed basic Drill, Color Guard, Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, Orienteering, and the PT team. As the ADMIN. Officer, I basically input everyone's information into the computer; things such as: updated physicals, different jobs they might hold, community and unit service hours, determine what ribbons they get, etc. I am a sophomore and have been in the NJROTC program for two years now and I plan to be here for my next two years as well. When I get older, I plan to be an officer in the Marine Corps. I recommend this program to anyone and I don't know where I would be without it.